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- Katy

Welcome friends!! I am so honored you are here. I hope you are here to find inspiration, a little bit of laughter, and of course, witness life's beautiful moments I am fortunate enough to take. I would LOVE to hear from you, so please shoot me a message and say hell

hello + welcome!

a dating couple in boston

One of the many things that brought Chad and I together at the start of our relationship was our love for travel. When we first started dating in August of 2010, we made it a point to travel somewhere new every single month. We went everywhere from Chicago to Puerto Rico to NYC and everything in between.

pictures of a dating couple dating couple photographs of a couple on a date travel photos of a couple

Fast forward to July of 2011…Chad was buying THE RING. Keeping a secret from me is very hard, and well, Chad had told one of my very best friends, Jenna, that he was planning to propose. OBVIOUSLY, Jenna was not keeping that a secret. The next few weeks on our weekly girls night, Jenna and I spent HOURS scouring the house looking for said ring, but it was nowhere to be found. When August hit, Jenna and I assumed he would propose for our one-year anniversary celebration in Mexico. The day we were leaving, I was getting out of the shower and found a trail of rose petals leading from the shower door (how I missed him setting that up while I was in the shower is unbeknownst to me) Y’all, it was happening!!! I am getting proposed to with a towel on!! I called Jenna to tell her it’s about to happen and follow the petals all the way down the hall and around the house and they lead me to a huge bouquet of roses. If this wasn’t the start to a perfect proposal – I’m not sure what is.

We get to the airport we check in, he’s upgraded us to first class.. the champagne is flowing, everything is setting the tone to be the perfect proposal in Mexico…Well, we got to Mexico and it was wonderful but there was no proposal to be had.

Fast forward three weeks and Chad and I are heading to Chicago for my friend Lauren‘s wedding. Keep in mind I am from Chicago. Since there was no proposal in Mexico, I am convinced that we are going to be engaged in Chicago.  I really am thinking we are going to get engaged because my parents are coming to Chicago at the same time, and he’s doing it because it’s my high school best friends wedding and I’m gonna get to show off my ring all my high school friends… Again, no proposal.

Where are my girls at here? Would anyone else be very upset that we’ve now taken two big trips, and he has the ring since July, and he still hasn’t proposed?!?!

Now, it is the end of September and we were going to Italy to celebrate his dad‘s 60th birthday. We get to the airport, board the plane and stewardess comes out with champagne. She asks if I want to keep that cork top and write the date on it…Y’all is happening.  I AM GETTING PROPOSED TO ON A PLANE. OVER THE PA!!  He just hasn’t proposed yet because we’re celebrating in Rome. THIS IS THE BEST PROPOSAL EVER!!!

dating couple in rome pictures of a dating couple in rome picture of a couple in saint peters square

4 days into our trip, there is still no proposal. His parents have gone to their next destination, and we are off to the Amalfi Coast. Now, I have no shame in admitting this, but I totally snooped through all of the bags, the hidden pouch he wore because obviously, we were going to get mugged, every piece of travel article we brought…all to find SQUAT.  We are not getting engaged…if he was proposing we would be engaged at the early part of the trip so that we can celebrate…insert disappointment here.

Our last night in Sorrento we go to dinner and like a little brat I am I picked a fight in that fight ended with me telling Chad that he’s never going to propose…y’all we were dating for a year and one month… I was clearly out of my mind. Bless his heart.

travels in italyguy in front of an italian truck dating couple at dinner traveling in italy a couple traveling in italy

The next day we hopped on a boat and headed to Capri. We decided to just lay low and hang out at the pool that day and at the very very last minute, Chad booked a dinner cruise on our way back up to our room. We were told it was the best way to see the sunset over Capri so of course, we had to do it. The concierge takes us to the marina and we boat the most beautiful luxury yacht I’ve ever seen. I did not think twice about the fact that no one else was on at this point as Chad is notoriously early for everything life.  The captain of the boat said if the other passengers did not show up in time, we have to leave without them. We were pumped, we had a boat to ourselves! We set sail and the crew brings out the champagne and appetizers. We slowly troll into the ocean and moments before the sun begins to set, Captain Aniello instruct Chad and me to go to the front of the boat so that they can get a picture of us. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. We go to the front about and I turn to hand Aniello my camera and when I turn back Chad is on bended knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life.  I have no recollection of what he said because I’m pretty sure I blacked out at that moment. He was proposing! That night we dined on a private island at the most delectable restaurant – La Conca del Sogno. We spent the night celebrating our love and planning our lives together. Needless to say, it was the perfect engagement.

a couple on a boat in italy newly engaged couple on a boat newly engaged couple drinking champagne on a boat newly engaged couple at dinner newly engaged couple in italy traveling in italy a couple in an italian house

And just for good measure -our engagement session. Y’all look at that sexy pose in the top right corner!!!

our engagement photos

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